Justified French company(society) and managed by two passionate with nature, with hunting and with wildlife:

Guillaume Ruel (Managing director) and Romain Lasseur (Scientific director).

Due to their attachment to the cynegetic and aquatic worlds, the founders wished to develop a range of solutions dedicated to hunters(fighters) and fishermen. The objective is to put products of high quality in arrangement(measure) of the nature lovers, the administrators of territories, the enthusiasts of hunting and peach(fishing) while respecting the environment. Naturamax attempts to develop innovative products, worried about the environmental protection, about their efficiency and about the safety(security) of the user.


The mark dedicated to the development of the range of pine tar, attractive powerful for the big game in particular for the wild boar. To use of the pine tar on its territory, it is to optimize the attendance(company) by the wild boars in the objective to confine(quarter) them but also to warn(prevent) damages in agricultural environment(middle).


The mark dedicated to the development of the range ” protection of the hunter(fighter), the fisherman and his environment “. This one proposes solutions of comfort for the natural enthusiast (repulsive mosquitoes, ticks) and solutions of control of the intrusive sorts (rodents, insects) as well as of solutions of purification of premises and kennels (disinfectants).